Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Most Delightful Holiday

Easter.  As I thought about it's arrival this year, I wondered what I would do and who I would spend it with...another Holiday in New York, unlike holidays at home with families, they are times where new traditions are born and things are done very unlike the ways remembered.

As I thought about Easter, I realized that it used to be one of the most exciting holidays when I was a child; with new dresses, shoes and hats, bright jelly beans (and loads of other candy), egg hunts, a day at Grandma's with family, fresh mowed grass, the arrival of Spring, and Christ's resurrection, why wouldn't it be a favorite?  Easter was perhaps the prettiest and most whimsical holiday of them all!

This year, I am remembering my Easters' as a child and spending it with the one family member I have in New York, my sister, doing fun and perhaps child-like things...the park, painting, cooking, church...attempting to capture the delight, joy and whimsy that I remember this holiday embodying.

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