Monday, June 24, 2013

Lots of Lace, Lots of White

Lace: it's so pretty and it's so feminine.  I saw a striking amount of it throughout resort this year along with a lot of white.  (I think that the prettiest and most unique looking lace was done by Thakoon on his blue and white striped jumpsuit.)  Lace can be easy to wear year-round, it can be put in any color.  But white, can be a little remember the old rule, "No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day".

I hate rules in dressing and I've always hated and refused to heed this rule once I got a little fashion confidence under my belt.  Resort collections are not always going to be worn when people are in destinations and they will be worn throughout the winter months, therefore it looks like we have designers all embracing the anti-rule!  How fantastic for fashion!  I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some pretty white pieces to cheer up the winter months.

Above: Look, 1 See by Chloe; Look 2, Stella McCartney; Look 3 and 4, Thakoon; Look 5 and 6, Chloe.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aren't we Sophisticated!

As I was looking at Resort collections, I was struck by how sophistication is really being adopted by young women.  Gone seem to be (for now in better fashion) of the micro-mini's.  We are young and beautiful, but we are also sophisticated.  I love it so much!  

The hemline's seem to be much longer across the board.  Necklines are higher too.  Very high heels seem to be traded in for a casual flat or a demure low heel.  Beauty is evident in the simple and the mystery of what is covered up.  It is not boring, it has a lot of style, attitude, beauty and youth.

I have been growing up in my sense of fashion and I love that designers seem to be too.

Above: 1 and 2-Chloe; 3 and 4 Reed Krakoff; 5 Proenza Schouler; 6 Suno; 7 and 8 Honor.

Why I love Resort.

 I love Resort Collections!  I'm not fully sure why, perhaps because their intended reason for being is whimsical: they come to us in the middle of winter supposing that we are going somewhere fabulous.  Designers these days tend to mute the concept slightly to make resort sell-able to all (even to us New York working girls who can't always get away to a fabulous destination in January). 

Nevertheless, I always am enchanted by Resort because there is a supposed ease of wear in it that does not always come out in the almighty Spring and Fall presentations, and it is coupled with a fanciful notion that we, Resort.

More to follow.....