Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boy-iness. Let's Borrow!


One of my favorite things coming out of Spring 2013 shows is a boyishness for girls that is so sexy.  I love it, maybe because I've been doing it for awhile.  The word, Androgynous, sounds so harsh, but it really doesn't have to be.  There is an easy cool that happens when we borrow from the boys.

Pringle of Scotland (Looks 1-3)- Look 1 has all the ease and cool of boy dressing in a feminine way.  Looks 2-3, bring out the man trouser but keeps it very feminine with a stiletto.

Preen (Look 4)- Brings out the man trouser again, but paired with a strapless top (beautiful side sheer detailing); there isn't any sensuality lost.

Simone Rocha (Look 5)- She has captured the boyish punk attitude of ease and 'we don't care'.  With the look in lace, without lining (figure out how to do it appropriately for the streets and the un-fashion world), it remains interesting.  The cropped top and the low-slung skirt is effortlessly sexy...it is a silhouette combo that I want to wear all the time.


Thomas Tait (Look 6) - He has girls dressing like boys with all kinds of architectural shapes and we love it. I think a confident women with the right attitude can pull his looks off and be so chic.

The 'boys for girls' look isn't for all girls.  You have to have the attitude and not be afraid that a guy may not find you sexy in it.  It's all about integration of boy-wear  into your feminine wardrobe and the attitude of the 'boy' into your personal style that will make it a success.


something I recently wore...totally not afraid of boy dressing

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