Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Much? About the Cropped Top...

I love the idea of the cropped top.  When putting together collections in school, I was obsessed with them (see some of my old sketches below).

A couple of summers ago, I decided to make myself a super sweet little strapless white Swiss Dot cropped top (you can see me in it below!).  The problem with it, was that I couldn't wear it that often.  I wore it on hot days, bumming around the city, but I often found it inappropriate for lots of situations, maybe it was just that I was uncomfortable showing so much skin.

 I'm bringing up my history with the cropped top because it seems to be here in a big way.  All over the runways (see below: Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Rochas...and these are just a few) they are here for Spring.  Their presence seems to be so strong and I wonder, how the average girl plans on wearing them.  I think they look so great in theory, but in my experience they're challenging.  Will we all start wearing them so they aren't so noticeable...will I be able to go to brunch or to a bar in one?  I'm not asking to wear them under a suit to work (I don't think that one will ever work, unfortunately) but I'm hoping to be able to wear it out-and-about with a little less attention.

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