Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside....

During my first winter in New York, a very fashionable friend told me that she could not wear a puffer, “they are just too ugly”.  I watched this girl put on three layers of cashmere sweaters under her cute wool coat.  Maybe it’s because of this advice that I don’t seem to own a down coat and have become the queen bee of layering.  But probably not, I probably don’t own one for two other reasons: one, I have never wanted a down coat and I don’t buy things I need, I buy things I want (not a great strategy, but it kind of works for me, most of the time); secondly,  I like to LAYER! 

My layering has gotten a little extreme.  People love the way I look but laugh when they realize how many pieces I have on.  When the temperature is below 40, any given outing for me will have countless layers... a flannel shirt, wool sweater, leather jacket, down vest, jeans, short socks, tall socks, boots, gloves, maybe two hats.

When layering, each piece can be transformed into something else. By wearing multiple pieces, the variables are widened and more options arise.  How pieces are put together can make winter dressing about more than just pure functionality, it can make it about style and creativity.

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