Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remembering My First Love (suprise, it's Marc Jacobs)

This is the look that inspired it all.  Well, ‘all’ may be be a bit of an exaggeration because liking clothes and wanting to make them, somehow always seemed innate.  No, this look opened my eyes to Fashion!  That is capital ‘F’ fashion.
It was home economics class, 10th grade, North Henderson High School, Hendersonville, NC.  Flipping through magazines (part of an assignment that I can not remember), I found this look, part of the Marc Jacobs campaign of Spring/Summer 1999.  The memory of this moment is so clear because my world came to a stop.  "What was this? " I thought.  "It is so amazing, so wonderful, a little impractical, a combination I haven’t seen before...?!"  I tore the page out and taped it up in my vanity, where it staid the remainder of high school and college.  I craved more of this ‘Fashion’ and started buying Vogue, learning designers and following the world of Fashion.  In this image, I had found a little bit of heaven and at the time, I thought, there must be no greater genius than Marc Jacobs.

This memory is what always brings me back, remembering my first love.  As I have been delighted by what Marc has been doing recently, in his own collection and at Louis Vuitton, I am once again inspired by him and I recall this memory and the Spring/Summer 1999 campaign that started it all. 

Wish I could locate the campaign photograph, but I can’t, therefore, the runway shoot will have to do.

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